Lost or Found? I’m feeling a bit inbetween…

Lately, my life has been polarized.  I’m extremely excited to marry the best guy I’ve known my entire life in December.  However, even with the numerous applications and interviews, I have failed to find a job.  I don’t feel like I have failed, though.  Those decisions all come down to things that I have no control over and no power to influence.  Thus, making me feel thoroughly helpless and frustrated.

I do wake up each day, albeit, very slowly.  My family and friends are amazing and supportive.  I’m happy to be around them while I try to establish a new chapter of my life.  This fellowship makes me feel grounded.

What to do?  My industry of expertise doesn’t seem to want to keep me in those roles.  Making my way into the public school system as a substitute teacher or regular full time teacher sounds daunting.  College teaching is attainable and I’m experienced, but it is also hard to get into if they already have people in mind for the roles.  This situation makes me feel lost, hopeless.

This is just a small peek into the life that seems to march on as it has these several months…  So, I keep praying and working towards anything and everything.  I know there is a plan for me and I’m being encouraged to learn patience.

Patient and working diligently, I will wait.


It’s Coffee…oh, I mean, Thursday!

Wide EyedWhat do you suppose this little guy is really thinking?

All I can say is that this is how I felt this morning…

When morning decided to pull me reluctantly out of my warm, cozy bed (made even cozier by my greyhound bed warmers…).  My grip was just about as secure too!

The expression returned when I realized my coffee was gone…  Noooo!  So soon?

So, this might sound like a bunch of complaining, but in truth, the picture (and the feelings it represents as it applies to my morning) just makes me laugh and smile.

Isn’t that better than any amount of time spent in a cozy bed or comforting cup of coffee?!


Thanks Mike, for this addition to this Thursday post…It's coffee and I need some Thursday.

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!!