My life has taken a drastically different road than I anticipated it would one year ago.  I live in a new state, work a new job, and now the people I surround myself with have changed.  I definitely didn’t think what has happened in the last month was remotely possible.

The transition process took weeks – it was anything but pleasant.  I’m on the down-slope now.  However, the decision was heartbreaking and enlightening.  I’m still in shock and “grieving” over the friendship that was lost.  It was truly one of the most influential and meaningful ones I’ve had in my lifetime.

Moving forward, my dreams are similar and my support system will change.  I have not felt this kind of strength before.  It brings new meaning to “strength in adversity.”  Which directs my memory to a quote from Mulan spoken by the emperor, “The flower that blooms in adversity is rarest and most beautiful of all.”

The nickname I was given by this person is one I will forever identify with.  I’ll miss hearing it, for sure.  I’ll always be Fe (elemental symbol for Iron) in my heart.  She’s the woman I aspire to be – strong, fierce, and beautiful.

I do miss my best friend of many years.  Even though things have gone sour and paths have divided, I hope the best for them.  Every day I am thankful for their season in my life…