Pippa’s Playtime

My greyhound knows EXACTLY what to do with a kiddie pool. Her antics just don’t seem to get old for me or my dad. He couldn’t help but laugh when Pip made herself comfy in the water.

Thought I’d share. This retired racer’s life is definitely spoiled and amazing. :). She’s my joy in so many ways!

She’s adapted beautifully in my parents’ house. I’m so proud of her. We are enjoying the perpetual warm weather…obviously.

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First Work Trip

What I packed...

What I packed…

For those of you that know me well, the fact that I went on ANY trip with a carry-on sized suitcase and that red bag above is nothing short of a miracle!  Practice makes perfect!

I LOVE to fly!

I LOVE to fly!

Granddad would be proud of how much I adore travelling.  I think of him every time I fly and rate each landing in his honor.  🙂

My Home away from Home

My Home away from Home

Who can be homesick with this vehicle?  LoL.  I love mine.  Even though this one was an automatic, it was nice to know where all the auxiliary and charge outlets were.

wish my key had a pony!

wish my key had a pony!

The only thing after the rag top that I envied about this 2013 Mustang…

Table Decorations

Table Decorations

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw these at the wine shop we relaxed at on the last night in Eugene, Oregon.  Amazing to still be reminded of my precious loved ones while so far away (Grandma and my Mom).

What I ate!

What I ate!

This was the healthiest meal I had all week!  Can you believe it?!



The views were amazing.  I cannot wait to drive cross-country one day!

Where did I go?  Eugene, Oregon

VERY adorable town located at the foothills of the mountains yet an hour or more away from the coast.

When was this?  June 18th or so.

It’s Coffee…oh, I mean, Thursday!

Wide EyedWhat do you suppose this little guy is really thinking?

All I can say is that this is how I felt this morning…

When morning decided to pull me reluctantly out of my warm, cozy bed (made even cozier by my greyhound bed warmers…).  My grip was just about as secure too!

The expression returned when I realized my coffee was gone…  Noooo!  So soon?

So, this might sound like a bunch of complaining, but in truth, the picture (and the feelings it represents as it applies to my morning) just makes me laugh and smile.

Isn’t that better than any amount of time spent in a cozy bed or comforting cup of coffee?!


Thanks Mike, for this addition to this Thursday post…It's coffee and I need some Thursday.

Happy Thursday, ya’ll!!