Typically, I’m ready for the weekend.  This time, I’m extremely ready for the weekend!  Life has thrown more than a few curveballs at me this week (this includes my fiancee, who is doing his best as well).

What have I been up to?

My greyhound injured herself last week, so I have been tending to her.  She is required to wear the infamous “cone of shame.”  However, within a couple days she figured out how easy it was to slip it off.  Ugh!  IMG_8142

I assisted and supported my dad on his MS 150 bicycle ride.  That’s 195 total miles for Saturday and Sunday.  He did extremely well and enjoyed the ride.  I drove.  The route was absolutely gorgeous!  Most of the ride was along the A1A corridor from south Jacksonville, Florida to Daytona Beach, Florida.  Amazing.  Great turnout.


Interviews are…well, occurring.  I’ve made impressions, even good ones.  That just doesn’t seem to be enough to get hired.  So, for now, I’m teaching part time and caring for others’ furkids.

Each day is a different kind of struggle.


Pippa’s Playtime

My greyhound knows EXACTLY what to do with a kiddie pool. Her antics just don’t seem to get old for me or my dad. He couldn’t help but laugh when Pip made herself comfy in the water.

Thought I’d share. This retired racer’s life is definitely spoiled and amazing. :). She’s my joy in so many ways!

She’s adapted beautifully in my parents’ house. I’m so proud of her. We are enjoying the perpetual warm weather…obviously.

#Greyhound #GreytLife #pooltime



the Little Things

When did the little things become the BIG things in life?  I’m certainly not complaining.

My heart is heavy lately.  First, we lost this beautiful feline about a month ago.  Her name was Mocha.  She was the feline that charmed even the most disinterested person.  Amazing does not begin to describe her.  She had no fear.


Now, this past Friday some close family friends lost their husband and father.  Yes, it had been close to ten years since I had seen him in person.  Even being hundreds, almost a thousand miles away, I can feel their pain.  He was one of the most amazing human beings ANYONE would ever meet.  He made a lasting impression on me while I was a teenager.  For that, I am incredibly grateful.  I truly believe that some of the choices I’ve made over the years had a bit of his influence.  His wife is one of my favorite people on this planet and I cannot even conceive her grief.  I know she will be surrounded by family and friends over the coming days.  The world should not be without such an amazing individual.  However, his loved ones have gained a very, very powerful angel.

In the shadow of these losses, I have struggled to keep the faith, my smile and positive outlook.  I’ve fallen to “coasting” mentally through my hours and minutes.  Time to get back to enjoying the simple things.

Things like:

– Raindrops falling from trees after a rainstorm

– Summertime Fireflies (they don’t have many of those in Georgia/Florida, at least where I was)

– Driving

– Cuddling and playing with my greyhounds (and felines)

– Good Cups of Coffee

– Enjoying the people I surround myself with

Greyhound Antics, Spring is Peeking Through

Johnny and Pippa went for a ride in the Mustang last Sunday (Easter).  The first photo is on the way home — super exhausted hounds!

Pippa in the second photo was hell-bent on getting her nose and head out of the window!  She would be visibly irritated if we were going too fast for her to do so!  Once she was successful, she was dialed in.  She added a few wet sneezes on mom just to keep things lively.  😉

BothDetermined Pippa