Typically, I’m ready for the weekend.  This time, I’m extremely ready for the weekend!  Life has thrown more than a few curveballs at me this week (this includes my fiancee, who is doing his best as well).

What have I been up to?

My greyhound injured herself last week, so I have been tending to her.  She is required to wear the infamous “cone of shame.”  However, within a couple days she figured out how easy it was to slip it off.  Ugh!  IMG_8142

I assisted and supported my dad on his MS 150 bicycle ride.  That’s 195 total miles for Saturday and Sunday.  He did extremely well and enjoyed the ride.  I drove.  The route was absolutely gorgeous!  Most of the ride was along the A1A corridor from south Jacksonville, Florida to Daytona Beach, Florida.  Amazing.  Great turnout.


Interviews are…well, occurring.  I’ve made impressions, even good ones.  That just doesn’t seem to be enough to get hired.  So, for now, I’m teaching part time and caring for others’ furkids.

Each day is a different kind of struggle.


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