My Cat, A Rose, My Life


This feline absolutely adores her person.  Me.  ❤  She’s not the cuddly type at all.  However, she wants me around and she wants to supervise 24/7.  Our bond is extremely special.  Cats do not have to choose you.  They can be extremely independent creatures.  So, in my experience, earning their trust and love is something to be cherished.

Roses are my favorite flower.  Mom keeps them in the yard.  I do my best to capture them as they bloom.  Here’s a gorgeous example from a couple weeks ago.


Tomorrow begins my first day of responsibilities since my major job search began.  My outlook is quite bright on stepping back into the college classroom as an instructor.  I’m excited to dive back into geographic facts, theory, and discussion.  

These opportunities should also enable my return to a gym.  I’m so ready for that day to come.  I miss lifting weights and having the “gym environment.”  The transition may be a struggle; when is it not?  I miss my iron-fueled zen…along with the associated health benefits.



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