How does one explain this type of suffering?  I know there are worse kinds, but nevertheless it keeps you from living life 100%.

Migraines.  Yes, those horrible “headaches.”  Am I sure I have them?  Yes.  I had one on Monday complete with light sensitivity, movement aggravation, fatigue, smell sensitivity, and throbbing.  Now, I’m on Day 2 of my postdrome aka a migraine hangover.  This stage normally lasts one day for me with no strange effects.  This time, I experienced nausea, cognitive weakness, language troubles, and slight “soreness” where the pain existed.

This one was not the worst ever, but it is the one with the most side effects.

Sometimes I think I may be creating some of these issues, but after having trouble speaking yesterday I became concerned.  I have a family history of migraines and strokes.  For my future, I need to take care of myself.

I believe a full lifestyle change may be in order…soon.  This would include food and exercise.  However, since I am still recovering from this last episode, I will pray and rest.

I’ll be honest, this is frightening.  I’m taking proper steps.  Growing into my next stage in life with this obstacle along the way will be extremely fascinating.  I’m determined…and the best part is I am not alone.  My support system is amazing…


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